Candidate Inverview (Part 3 of 5) Student Discipline

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Recently I was interviewed and asked to share my policy positions by the Corona Norco Teachers Association CNTA, Press Enterprise reporter Dayna Strahley, Realtors Board, and Corona – Norco Pro Family Council. Following are excerpts to help you understand my approach to School Board governance and policy.

Explain your direction concerning student discipline.

Students and parents must share equally with the teachers in the responsibility and privilege of education. Students must come prepared and willing to abide by standards of conduct. I believe in the power of forgiveness and grace, and that we should have second chance opportunities. Principals must however have full authority to remove students from the campus’s they manage.

What do you think the challenges are, if any, in addressing this diversity and how will you plan to combat these challenges.

I see a few challenges. One is teaching non-English speaking children so they succeed early and completely. In addition, setting a high expecation for parental involvement in a city that has a large number of parents who commute.

Our diversity can actually become our strength in preparing our young people to become conversant in the languages and aware of the customs that can equip them to compete in a global marketplace.

What is your understanding of site-based decision-making?

The leadership at each school site has authority and responsibilty for decision-making as long as they operate within the policy guidelines set forth district-wide.

What is your perception of the most pressing problem and best attribute within our District.

I see many opportunities within our District, not problems. We do however have threats to our success. Those threats are arise from complacency, inability to embrace change, and lack of parental involvement and expectation of achievement. These will always be a threat to a great district. Our challenge is to foster an environment, where at every level and role, everyone strives for excellence with high motivation and a passionate commitment to students learning. Learning is joyful. If we keep the main thing, the main thing, we will have a blast together!

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