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Recently I was interviewed and asked to share my policy positions by the Corona Norco Teachers Association CNTA, Press Enterprise reporter Dayna Strahley, Realtors Board, and Corona – Norco Pro Family Council. Following are excerpts to help you understand my approach to School Board governance and policy.

How will you handle community growth?

Currently we are in a slower phase of growth – adding roughly 800 to 1000 students per year, primarily in the Eastvale area. The issues then are to maintain effective class size, commute time for parents, and balance the cost to build new schools. The key to growing gracefully is planning. I will be involved with our district planning personnel.

How active should PTSA be on each campus?

The level of activity should be a reflection of effectiveness. When the PTSA assists the teaching staff and supports the principal its what really makes a school great! The key is for their to be balanced participation, good recruitment, flexible schedules to involve commuters. When the PTSA and individual school counsel have shared priorities and then lend supporting to programs… the experience students gain beyond the classroom is invaluable.

Should community members be permitted to use district facilities? (swimming pools, drama, music sites, sport fields) Explain.

Yes. The first priority should be first and foremost for the education of the students of the District. But, I have been part of wonderful partnerships between the district and Parks and Recreation department as well as private sports leagues, churches, and other groups that promote arts, music, etc. That’s the way it should be. And sometimes it actually provides nominal rental income for the District while meeting the needs of the greater community.

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