Whose Son?

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What do you think about the Christ, whose son is He?” They said to Him, “The son of David.”
He said to them, “Then how does David in the Spirit call Him ‘Lord,’ saying, THE LORD SAID TO MY LORD, “SIT AT MY RIGHT HAND, UNTIL I PUT YOUR ENEMIES BENEATH YOUR FEET”‘?
“If David then calls Him ‘Lord,’ how is He his son?” No one was able to answer Him a word, nor did anyone dare from that day on to ask Him another question. Matthew 22:42-44

One of the most important questions we could ever answer is “What do you think about the Christ, whose son is He?” Many people have the wrong answer and suffer for it. To say the Christ (or God’s Messiah) is merely a man or son of David, is to fail to recognize the deity of Jesus Christ, the depth of man’s sin, and the necessity of a perfect sacrfice.

I have come to know that Jesus is the unique Son of God. He isn’t better than anyone else, He is categorically different from anyone else.

Dear Jesus, You are the promised Messiah. I know you died on the cross to forgive me of my sins. I thank yoiu that you are able to accomplish all that is needed in my salvation. You live in me and guide my life. What could be better?

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