Rollercoaster Roar

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“They laid hands on Him and seized Him. But one of those who stood by drew his sword, and struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his ear.” Mark 14:46-47

When Jesus was betrayed and the crowd came to arrest him, the disciples would scatter. But, initially Peter responded with what looked like great courage. He stole a sword off of a guard and went for the assistant to the big boss… probably intending to take on the high priest afterward. Amazing! Of course, after a brief chastisement from Jesus, Peter later would deny him to a pathetic slave girl and the onlookers. Our emotions can be like rollercoasters when we follow Jesus from a distance.

What’s it like for me. I certainly have felt both brave and cowardly. But the difference comes because of the abiding presence of God’s Spirit in me. He is centering and because I have His righteousness I am bold as a lion. Humble, but bold.

Oh God, how funny I must be to you. At times I know I please You and at others disappoint. May today be pure joy for me and You. Work mightily within me. Let me roar.

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