Moses And The Prophets Were Sufficient

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moses prophetsAnd he said, Then I beg you, father, that you send him to my father’s house— for I have five brothers—in order that he may warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.’ But Abraham *said, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them hear them.’ But he said, ‘No, father Abraham, but if someone goes to them from the dead, they will repent!’ But he said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead. Luke 16:27-31

Jesus dealt with the hardness of the hearts of the religious leaders- the Pharisees. They were teachers of the law, yet missed how it should have led them to Jesus as the Savior. How sad it was to be so religious, but devoid of the greater relationship with God. That can happen today.

How about me? Have I let the scriptures lead me to Jesus? Do I enjoy reading and studying the Bible and in doing so connect with God in a deeper and personal way?

God, I do love Your Word, it does something to me. It stimulates both my mind and heart altogether to want to be holy and available for Your service and glory. Let’s do some wonderful things today. Would you grant me favor with others and bring joy into our school and church, person by person. Help us improve, resolve problems and shine for You.

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