Messing with Sasquatch

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“But regarding the fact that the dead rise again, have you not read in the book of Moses, in the passage about the burning bush, how God spoke to him, saying, ‘I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, AND THE GOD OF ISAAC, and the God of Jacob’? He is not the God of the dead, but of the living; you are greatly mistaken.” Mark 10:26-27

There is a funny commercial where two men try to pull a trick on the fictional creature Sasquatch (a big hairy beast). In the end Sasquatch gets mad and ends up getting the best of them. Jesus pointed out to the Saduccees their great error in thinking this life is all there is. They doubted the resurrection was real, so they challenged Jesus with a bizarre scenario of a woman who out of necessity and observance to the Deuteronomy law marries 7 brothers and goes then to heaven. The big question, who will she be married to in heaven. No one! Jesus said its not like that, its more like how angels relate to God and one another.

Have I forgotten that since the beginning God has said that He gives life and is the God of the living? No! I have an amazing hope that this life is just the beginning and eternity with God has already begun for me… available to any who would choose Him. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac (and as Jesus added… Jacob) and Doug, etc.

Lord Jesus, You give me the greatest hope. Let me shine with Your great love and joy today!

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