I am not a prophet! I am a fig pincher.

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With the recent bills passing through the Congress… Cap and Trade(tax) and Universal Healthcare, I feel a bit like Amos.

Amos, was a fig-pincher (whatever that obscure, though I am certain – quite important job was). He temporarily left that job to speak out for God against king Jeroboam.

Now its my turn. Stop! President Obama and the current Democratically controlled legislature are going to violate a very basic principle – generosity. They are about to “take” through taxation from working people an undue amount of money and “give” it to others. I am not against generosity and caring for the poor. Actually I am for it! Wholeheartedly. But generosity is to be voluntary, not compulsary. Whenever the government gets in the business of doing what people (and in my opinion – The Church) should do, it goes astray, it oversteps its bounds, and fails… miserable. Why? The government can never do what God does. Only God can change the heart and motivations of a person through the loving compassion of His people.

That’s why government is NOT the hope of the world.

Mr. President and honorable Congressmen and women, please stop! Limit yourself. Hear the voice a fig-pincher and stop your evil. You are worshipping at the altar of big government and pridefully thinking you have the answers to human suffering.

Let the church rise up. You must decrease and He (and His Church) must increase!

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