Wisdom Personified

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Sophia Goddess of Wisdom Ancient Statue
I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, and I find knowledge and discretion.
The fear of the Lord is to hate evil;
Pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverted mouth, I hate.
Counsel is mine and sound wisdom;
I am understanding, power is mine.
By me kings reign, and rulers decree justice.
By me princes rule, and nobles,
All who judge rightly.
I love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me will find me. Proverbs 8:12-17

In this beautiful collection of proverbs, Solomon personifies wisdom. He says that being careful and prudent go hand in glove with wisdom; they dwell together. With wisdom comes knowledge and discretion as well. These characteristics are traveling companions with humility and a bridled tongue. Those who possess these Christlike qualities will often find themselves in greater roles of responsibility by God’s design and promotion. For me, Jesus is the source of my wisdom. My endeavor is to be like Him in word, thought and deed.

How deeply do I value wisdom? Do I love wisdom?

God, we received some news that was very sad yesterday. You’ve been disclosing it, so its not a surprise, but I feel tears just below the surface wanting to escape. Would You be very real to me today. As I gather with our seniors, make me ever aware of what each is going through and sensitive enough to share Your light and love and encouragement.

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