How To Get Free Of Commitments We Should Not Have Made

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My son, if you have become surety for your neighbor,
Have given a pledge for a stranger,
If you have been snared with the words of your mouth,
Have been caught with the words of your mouth,
Do this then, my son, and deliver yourself;
Since you have come into the hand of your neighbor,
Go, humble yourself, and importune your neighbor.
Give no sleep to your eyes,
Nor slumber to your eyelids;
Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hunter’s hand
And like a bird from the hand of the fowler. Proverbs 6:1-5

I love how practical the proverbs are. Have you ever co-signed a loan for a college-age kid only to realize the moment they can’t make a payment, you are “on the hook”. Yikes. Its almost better to just gift the money and move one. Solomon warns about what to do when we over-commit in our lives, even to help others out. Go and explain the situation and seek freedom from the commitment… but do it quickly so the one who now has to solve the problem is not prejudiced by your delay. Of course, most times we should keep our commitment, even when it hurts. But there are times, its just not possible. Rational people understand that we cannot keep every promise we make… though we should try. Life happens.

Are there commitments I have made for others that I cannot fulfill?

God, it is first and foremost right to comet to You when pressures mount and I cannot ‘love my neighbor as myself’. You give grace and pave the way for conversations that may lead to disappointment. As this day begins, would you help me complete tasks related to the City Council campaign and prepare for my final exam in law school? Thank you for dispensing grace in my life and through it as well. I am excited about what lies ahead today.

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