Why Was Jesus Baptized?

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Now when all the people were baptized, Jesus also was baptized, and while He was praying, heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came from heaven: “You are My beloved Son, in You I am well pleased.” Luke 3:21-22 NASB

I will always remember the day I was baptized. It was at lake Perris, with my older brother Jim, watching. I was 19 years old. I will always draw strength from that day, knowing that I ‘belong to God’ and more significantly, ‘He belongs to me’! It was an act of worship and physical way to demonstrate my commitment to following Jesus’ example and commands. Even though my parents had me ‘christened’ or baptized as an infant, when I was older and knew what it meant, I wanted to do it. Jesus was baptized by John- even though He had no need of repentance. Jesus simply said to John, ‘permit it to be so, in fulfilling all righteousness’. He is our model and guide in all things. Last week at our church 9 people did the same thing. How wonderful it is to identify with Jesus Christ.

What acts of obedience is God asking of me today?

God, as this day begins- my answer is yes. I will obey what You ask of me, knowing You are good and gracious. Would you meet the deepest needs of my family and friends. Use me today to deliver more than Thanksgiving food baskets/boxes. I hope I can deliver Your hope and joy.

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