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Manasseh was twelve years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem fifty-five years. His mother’s name was Hephzibah. He did evil in the eyes of the Lord, following the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites. 2 Kings 21:1-2

Was it Hephzibah’s fault? Manasseh was the son of Hezekiah (arguably, one of the best kings ever). His son who reigns after him ruins it all. How in the world does this happen? It reminds me what pastor Tim Coop preached 30 years ago in a message Teach or Perish: Christianity is one generation away from extinction. Therefore, we must teach our children or perish.

How am I doing? Well, I look at my children and think Wow! They are wonderful young people who love God and love the life He has for them. Much of that is to my wife’s credit. I do have some specific things on my mind regarding my kids… encouraging my daughter who is starting college all the while being a wonderful friend and cause oriented Christian, praising my son Keanu with his music and ministry, applauding Kaenan in his athletic and his academic endeavors and leadership, and celebrating Kai and his character, wonderful generosity and this overall season where he is becoming a husband soon.

Lord, all I can say is Unbelievable! (in a good way).

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