Purge Me With Hyssop

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purge me with hyssopBehold, You desire truth in the innermost being, and in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom.
Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;
Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
Make me to hear joy and gladness,
Let the bones which You have broken rejoice.
Hide Your face from my sins and blot out all my iniquities. Psalm 51:6-9

In this beautiful and heartbroken prayer, king David seeks God’s forgiveness. He realizes that God’s mercy and compassion are the source of that forgiveness and not his own merit. With a heart now tuned to God’s, David grieves within, to the point of physical exhaustion (for he can find no rest). I love the imagery of women beside a river with using hyssop branches to strike the clothing upon a rock to make them white and clean. Jesus is the rock who was stricken for our sins, and we have become clean.

Have opened my innermost being to the Lord? Is there truth within?

God, my prayer is David’s purify me and I will be clean! Thank you that there is joy and gladness and You have blotted out my sin and iniquity. For that I am eternally grateful. I pray for miracles to continue as this time of prayer and fasting for 40 days unfolds.

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