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precious knowledgeThere is gold, and an abundance of jewels, but the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing. Proverbs 20:15

It seems that common sense, knowledge and wisdom were not so common in Solomon’s day either. Knowledge and know-how are valuable in God’s kingdom. For the Christian, we have a wealth of knowledge contained in God’s Word, the Bible. And experiencing life with God by the leading of His Spirit adds a richness to every day.

Have I applied myself to learn something every day? Am I growing or stagnant? Is my value increasing because my knowledge is increasing? I do feel like I have made a commitment to be a life-long learner. And yes, I am on a steep learning curve and loving it.

God, it feels good to know that as I learn more and especially as I learn from You, I am adding precious knowledge to my life. I wonder how much will remain in eternity? All of it? Help me discern the right areas to focus upon today. Let’s do it all together.

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