Passing The Buck

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passing the buckWhen Pilate heard it, he asked whether the man was a Galilean. And when he learned that He belonged to Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent Him to Herod, who himself also was in Jerusalem at that time. Luke 23:6-7

Pontius Pilate Tried to pass the buck when it came to deciding Jesus’ fate. What he didn’t realize is that every man must make a decision about Jesus. He is the most dividing man in human history. When a person decides about Jesus, in effect, they are deciding their own eternity. It wasn’t enough for Pilate to say ‘I find no fault in Him’. A person must put their full faith and truth in Him to be saved.

What have I decided about Jesus? When did I put my full faith and truth in Him?

Lord Jesus, at the end of this day I want to affirm again that I believe in You, Your resurrection power, Divinity and righteousness. My full faith and trust are in You. I am not passing the buck on that!

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