Octogenarians Rule!

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Then the Lord said to Moses, “See, I make you as God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron shall be your prophet.  You shall speak all that I command you, and your brother Aaron shall speak to Pharaoh that he let the sons of Israel go out of his land.  But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart that I may multiply My signs and My wonders in the land of Egypt.  When Pharaoh does not listen to you, then I will lay My hand on Egypt and bring out My hosts, My people the sons of Israel, from the land of Egypt by great judgments. The Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I stretch out My hand on Egypt and bring out the sons of Israel from their midst.”  So Moses and Aaron did it; as the Lord commanded them, thus they did. Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three, when they spoke to Pharaoh. Exodus 7:1-7 NASB

I love the t-shirts that say “old guys rule”, because I am getting older now. The other day, I went surfing with two of my sons- and demonstrated the concept! Lol. Age, experience, and wisdom can often go together in a person’s life, making them useful to God. Moses and his brother Aaron were very useful to God and His people. They were in their 80’s- octogenarians! With their frailties of and shortcomings, they still obediently followed God’s commands and delivered a nation from bondage against the cruelties and treachery of Pharaoh. I think some older adults underestimate their usefulness in God’s kingdom because the world overly celebrates youth. God help us!

Do I see the value and potential in older adults? Am I shrinking back from my full calling as I get older?

God, as this day begins- please use me in all my frailties and yet within my faith to follow You and make the difference You desire in this world. Old guys rule! You are without age… and the ultimate ruler of my heart.

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