Not One Good Promise – Failed

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promisesSo the Lord gave Israel all the land which He had sworn to give to their fathers, and they possessed it and lived in it. And the Lord gave them rest on every side, according to all that He had sworn to their fathers, and no one of all their enemies stood before them; the Lord gave all their enemies into their hand. Not one of the good promises which the Lord had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass. Joshua 21:43-45

God keeps his promises. I love how the people of Israel realized in this moment that ‘not one of the good promises’ failed. God really did it. He brought them to the place He had promised. God will keep his promises to us as well. His promises are many. They include salvation, a personal relationship with Him, everlasting life, a transformed life, abiding presence of the Holy Spirit of God, and so much more.

God, am I appropriating all the promises You have for me? Or am I in any way delaying or hindering Your work in me?

As this day unfolds, I anticipate You being You. I do see Your hand and miracles unfolding around me. I praise you that You and other dedicated Christians are making this journey together. Thank you for every good promise. They are manifold.

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