Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord

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noahThe Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.
The Lord said, “I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, from man to animals to creeping things and to birds of the sky; for I am sorry that I have made them.” But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. Genesis 6:6-8

At one point in human history, this story would be known only to Noah and his family, for after the flood, they alone would be alive. Later, God would communicate it to Moses as well. What an insight into the heart of God and the holiness of God. The phrase Noah ‘found favor in the eyes of the Lord’ is a fascinating one. The word ‘favor’ could easily be translated as ‘grace’ or ‘charm’. In essence God’s grace was demonstrated by saving Noah, a person whom received God’s unmerited favor. In the same way, God’s grace was demonstrated to us, by Jesus death on the cross, which saves us. Both were acts of grace and revelations of God’s love being expressed side by side with His holiness.

How have I responded to the grace of God? Am I as obedient as Noah? Is there anything in my life or behavior that grieves God?

Oh Lord, as this day begins, I thank you for my children and the privilege of growing them up. May each of them find favor in Your eyes. Help me discern how to Give, Understand, Instruct, Encourage, and Discipline, and Supplicate (pray) according to Your will. I pray You go before us helping each prepare for our vacation next week together. Please provide travel mercies, good weather and special moments together.

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