There’s No Crying In Baseball

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Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea.  And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them, and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” Revelation 21:1-4 NASB

I remember crying one time while playing little league baseball because I struck out. I’m not a good looking “cry-er”. You know what I mean? I “ugly” cry, when I really cry. My mom was the same way. At the consummation of the ages, God presents a new heaven and a new earth. While there is a great deal of mystery to all of this, I find what is known very comforting. The past hurts will be soothed (He will wipe away every tear), we will not fear or face death anymore (for we will not be separated from Him or loved ones again), and everything will be new! There will be no crying after that point. Just like in baseball. And, God will be right there with us, dwelling together with all who are His people. Wow!

How often do I cry and reveal my hurts and emotions? How much pain have I experienced here? Am I anticipated the personal comfort of God, then and there?

God, as this day begins- its my favorite daughter’s birthday. Thank you for this wonderful young woman who is a gift. Bless her in manifold ways today and always. May she find her place in the world and in many hearts as she lives her life ‘her way’ and pleasing to You.

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