My Redeemer Lives

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redeemer livesOh that my words were written! Oh that they were inscribed in a book!
That with an iron stylus and lead; they were engraved in the rock forever!
As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last He will take His stand on the earth.
Even after my skin is destroyed, yet from my flesh I shall see God;
Whom I myself shall behold, and whom my eyes will see and not another. Job 19:23-27

“I know that my Redeemer lives”. Christian artist Bob Bennett sings a song that always touches my heart. It was written by Samuel Medley 200 years earlier in 1775 as he reflected upon Job’s suffering. What wonderful words emerged from Job, even as he defended himself before his friend. Somehow, he had a sense that God was still involved in his life and able to redeem (buy back) all the tragedy that had befallen them. One pastor reminded us that God will not be a debtor to any man. To whatever degree I feel God “owes me”, the truth is, I will always be in debt to Him.

Do I know my Redeemer lives? Am I aware and living my life in light of the fact that Jesus rose again from the grave and demonstrated Him power and authority even over death? Sometimes, my faith doesn’t reflect the fact that my Redeemer not only lives but loves.

God, as I begin this day, I pray that I will walk with full assurance in Your great redeeming power. I know You redeemed my life. Redeem all the opportunities I have squandered, chances to say ‘thank you’, that I overlooked, and ways I can reach out and love people in Your name. I know my Redeemer lives!
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