Making A Complaint

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complaintEven today my complaint is rebellion; His hand is heavy despite my groaning.
Oh that I knew where I might find Him, that I might come to His seat!
I would present my case before Him and fill my mouth with arguments.
I would learn the words which He would answer, and perceive what He would say to me.
Would He contend with me by the greatness of His power?
No, surely He would pay attention to me.
There the upright would reason with Him; and I would be delivered forever from my Judge. Job 23

Job comes to an amazing point of humility in the midst of his argument with his friends about why all this tragedy has come upon him. He realizes that he crossed the line. In his complaint, his heart moved to rebellion. Guarding our heart while speaking the truth to God and others requires the control of the Holy Spirit. In all of his self-reflection Job also realizes that God is able to deliver him.

How well do I do in this area? Do I guard my tongue from going too far? A man who can control his tongue, can control his whole body.

God, help me in this area of speaking the truth in a loving way. And as this day begins, deliver me from any tragedy awaiting, guard my life. Use me to bless others today.

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