Make Sure Love is the Org Chart

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org chartTherefore, although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do, yet I prefer to appeal to you on the basis of love. Philemon 1:7

Paul led a runaway slave to faith in Jesus Christ while both sat in prison. It would change the identity and relationship between a slave and a master. Paul penned a letter appealing to Philemon who was living in Collosae, to receive his runaway slave Onesimus back as a Christian brother. That’s amazing. More amazing to me, is that Paul makes his appeal, not based on his apostleship, not even that he himself led Onesimus to the Lord and was an authority in his life, but rather on the basis of love.

I have worked within and consulted with many organizations. Every one of them have a culture, an ethos, a way they do things. Not all are healthy. They may be productive, profitable, etc. but they are toxic to employees, their well being and health. All managers could learn a little something from this epistle. We should put LOVE in the org chart. Have I? Really?

God, I must check myself. Better yet, You check me… as a leader, am I operating on positional authority or love? Oh help me be more and more like Jesus, whom You gave “all authority in heaven and on earth”, yet he always led with grace, truth, and love. I cannot do what You have called me to do Lord. Only by You empowering me by Your indwelling Spirit could I become a vessel for Your honor and be used to create the organizational environment where everyone thrives. Help me today.

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