Loving The Weaker Ones

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I have some strengths and weaknesses too. I guess we all do. Some of the weaknesses people have are spiritual. They have not experienced the freedom available to them because of their previous beliefs and practices. In a superstitious way, some of the believers in Corinth were worried about eating food (meat) that was dedicated to pagan idols and gods. The apostle Paul wanted them to realize, an idol really doesn’t have any power over a Christian’s life. But, because some were less mature, they were offended by those who were free and ate the meat sacrificed to idols. Paul said he loved the weak so much, he would give up his right to eat meat. Now, that’s a great sacrifice in itself. Oh, that I might have that depth of love for people. From this passage we understand the godly ‘Weaker Brother Principle’.

And so, by sinning against the brothers and sisters and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ. Therefore, if food causes my brother to sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause my brother to sin. 1 Corinthians 8:12-13 NASB

How aware am I of the sacrifices others make for my weaknesses? How much more did Christ die for me when I was yet powerless?

God, as this day begins- I look forward to all ahead. May You lead and guide me to help others, fulfill Your calling on my life, to be productive in what really matters. Thanks for those you’ve appointed for me along the way as friends. Help me love the weaker ones and the stronger ones.

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