Its Public Service, not Politics

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Why Government Can't Save UsI was asked by a friend “how long have you wanted to go into politics?”

I surprised them a bit, when I said, “Its public service, not politics”! And its true. A man of God’s first ministry (service) is within his family, then within his church, and then within his community.

At this season of life (my kids are in their teen years), I have the availability and the blessing from my employer to serve publicly. That’s why I am excited about running for Corona-Norco School Board.

What’s the picture have to do with any of this? My son Kaenan fell asleep reading a wonderful Biblical treatment about how people of faith can serve the public good… its the book written by pastor John MacArthur: Why Government Can’t Save Us. All that to say, for me it really is Public Service, not Politics.

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