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So they watched Him, and sent spies who pretended to be righteous, in order that they might catch Him in some statement, so that they could deliver Him to the rule and the authority of the governor. Luke 20:20

The religious leaders did not appreciate that Jesus’ popularity was widespread and their authority was being challenged. So, they placed people around Him to try to trick Him into saying something that would cause His ministry to diminish. Contrary to this, John the Baptist took the attitude “I must decrease, He must increase”.

Am I decreasing, day by day, so Jesus in my life can increase? When I am less concerned with my own popularity, press, and the affection of others, He can shine through me. And He gets the glory.

God, as this day begins, there are opportunities for ministry. I want what I do to be for You, empowered by Your Spirit in me and to you credit. I dedicate myself and this day to You. Let’s do it!

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