He Chose Levi

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The Chosen – Series (Levi, from the Tax Booth)

And Levi gave a big reception for Him in his house; and there was a large crowd of tax collectors and other people who were reclining at the table with them.  The Pharisees and their scribes began grumbling to His disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with the tax collectors and sinners?” And Jesus answered and said to them, â€œIt is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick.  I have not come to call the righteous to repentance, but sinners.” Luke 5:29-32 NASB

I am, I think, keenly aware of my sins. While I don’t dwell upon them, I try to live in God’s grace, quickly repent, seek forgiveness, and make restitution. I certainly an not “sinless”, but I hope I do “sin less” than I once did. Jesus called people like me into His kingdom. When we finally realize our shortcomings, failings, and yes,… call it sin… its then that we become aware of our need for a Savior. And oh, what a wonderful Savior we have in Jesus. Mattew (Levi) was so amazed that Jesus would call him as a disciple (being an outcast and despised person), that he threw a huge ‘career ending’ party. At it were a broad swath of people: other tax collectors, religious leaders, and the run of the mill sinners. All welcome from Jesus’ perspective. All were challenged to repentance. (Repentance defined – to turn around from going ‘my way’ and begin going ‘God’s way’.)

When was the last time I rejoiced in my Savior? Who have I invited to follow Him?

God, as this day begins- I am looking forward to the long drive to Bakersfield with Keanu. Please direct our conversation. Would you continue to show Your kindness by protecting friends and family from the virus Covid19? Help me with refine the sermon for tomorrow! Amen.

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