Facing The Dragon of Doubt

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Can great leaders doubt? Everyone leads something. At a minimum we are all leading ourselves. Every mother leads her children. Athletes and boy scouts lead at moments or seasons. Ministries for God’s glory began as an idea but required someone to ‘get things going’. You may wonder, Is it ok for leaders to doubt? Its not only ok, its often necessary because who has all the answers and experience? When we doubt as Christians, we have faith in a God who knows all. Faith is the ability to see God or see what will be, but is not yet. People who lead others into new territory need a faith in God, especially when we doubt ourselves or even the vision God provided. Moses and Aaron expressed theirs often, but still led the greatest exodus and migration in human history!

It was this Aaron and Moses to whom the Lord said, “Bring the Israelites out of Egypt by their divisions.”  They were the ones who spoke to Pharaoh king of Egypt about bringing the Israelites out of Egypt—this same Moses and Aaron. Now when the Lord spoke to Moses in Egypt, he said to him, “I am the Lord. Tell Pharaoh king of Egypt everything I tell you.” But Moses said to the Lord, “Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharaoh listen to me?” Exodus 6:26-30 NASB

What endeavors are ahead of me? What has God called me to initiate and lead? How am I trusting in His wisdom, provision, and guidance?

God, as this day begins- I have some wonderful opportunities to build something of value that will endure over time. I am leading in some ways, learning in others, and trusting in the ‘Aarons’ you placed next to me. I have my doubts, but I am placing them all in the side of the Savior (just as Thomas did his hand) and declaring Jesus is my Lord and my God. I trust in You, Jehovah!

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