God is Love

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agapaoGreater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

I woke up today thinking about the greatest love. What would that be in God’s estimation? Would it be a nursing mother, a father that risks, works and provides, a brother supporting a sister…? Jesus said there is no greater love than sacrificial love, exemplified by a person who lays down their life for a friend. The Bible word from the Greek language is ‘agapao’. God is the author of all love, for He Himself is love. But the highest love that is above friendship love, familial love, erotic love, and brotherly love, is sacrificial love.

Does God love me like that? Yes, He does. And you too. Do I love Him and others like that? Lord, You alone know the answer!

God, this week I am thinking about love. I am marveling at how You always reward the small sacrificial acts of love we make in life… I think You do it because for a moment we become a little like Jesus. Oh, I thank You again for who He is, His life, example, and sacrificial love expressed on the cross.

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