God Is Just

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justHow long will you say these things, and the words of your mouth be a mighty wind?
Does God pervert justice?
Or does the Almighty pervert what is right?
If your sons sinned against Him, then He delivered them into the power of their transgression.
If you would seek God and implore the compassion of the Almighty, if you are pure and upright, surely now He would rouse Himself for you and restore your righteous estate.
Though your beginning was insignificant, yet your end will increase greatly. Job 8:1-7

Friends can give good advice and bad advice. One thing I like about Job’s friends is that they sat silent with him for a long time. When Bildad first speaks, he actually says something wonderfully true – – – God is just! Then he predicts that Job will be restored beyond his previous significance.

Am I a source of truth and encouragement to others? Do people actually seek me out to know God’s will and ways?

Lord, I want to be a voice for You. As we start this day, I pray that during the times of worship, You will hear my voice and I will hear Yours/ Happy Sunday!

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