Go The Other Direction

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directionNow behold, as your life was highly valued in my sight this day, so may my life be highly valued in the sight of the Lord, and may He deliver me from all distress.”
Then Saul said to David, “Blessed are you, my son David; you will both accomplish much and surely prevail.” So David went on his way, and Saul returned to his place. 1 Samuel 26:24-25

David had a second opportunity to kill Saul. He didn’t do it. Instead he put his faith in God, stated the truth in a loving way, and wisely went the other direction. Revenge is a tempting and tasty morsel. But, God says ‘never repay evil for evil… revenge is mine’. Its better to go the other direction and trust God.

When enemies are weak and vulnerable do I try to take revenge?

God, is there any situations where I am seeking revenge instead of leaving room for You? I am not aware of any. Like David, may Your blessings be upon me and may I accomplish much and surely prevail… for Your Name’s sake. There are lots of directions to go, I want to go Your’s.

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