Fasting to Feasting

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Then the word of the Lord of hosts came to me, saying, “Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘The fast of the fourth, the fast of the fifth, the fast of the seventh and the fast of the tenth months will become joy, gladness, and cheerful feasts for the house of Judah; so love truth and peace.’ Zechariah 8:18-19

The religious acts of God’s people had become meaningless over the years. Why? Because their hearts were not right with God. But, Zechariah prophesies of a time when the fasting would become feasting and have significance again. How? When God’s people love truth and peace.

How aligned with God’s values are the things that I do? Even the things that center around church or my faith?

God, if there is anything in my value system that is not compatible with You, please reveal it to me, so that I might change. I want any meaningless religious acts to be transformed into significant and joyful times with You.

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