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faith truthNow there was a famine in the land; so Abram went down to Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was severe in the land. It came about when he came near to Egypt, that he said to Sarai his wife, “See now, I know that you are a beautiful woman; and when the Egyptians see you, they will say, ‘This is his wife’; and they will kill me, but they will let you live. Please say that you are my sister so that it may go well with me because of you, and that I may live on account of you.” Genesis 12:11-13

Abraham (Abram) responded to the fear in his life with a lie (half-truth) instead of faith. God prevented it all from going terribly wrong, but all around him damage would ensue. This is the dilemma I face all the time. Will I trust God when difficult arises? Will I obey His voice and revealed will, even if it appears to lead to danger? This is faith in action… taking God at His Word and trusting He is in control. I love how God builds Abraham’s faith by rescuing he and Sarah. All of this by the way, was a big part of God’s salvific plan, the scarlet thread of redemption which was spun through Abraham’s life and faith, eventually leading to Jesus Christ.

What faith decision is ahead of me today? How will I respond?

God, another wonderful day of sun, fun, and family ahead today. Please lead and guide and be part of our conversation. I love You and am grateful for Your goodness.

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