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extraditionBut if the manslayer at any time goes beyond the border of his city of refuge to which he may flee, and the blood avenger finds him outside the border of his city of refuge, and the blood avenger kills the manslayer, he will not be guilty of blood because he should have remained in his city of refuge until the death of the high priest. But after the death of the high priest the manslayer shall return to the land of his possession. Numbers 35:26-28

God gave Moses instructions for dealing with second degree murder or the ‘manslayer’. These people who committed accidental death were given the chance to live in sanctuary cities called cities of refuge, until their case was settled or because their case was settled. They were bound there until the high priest died. Then, they were permitted to return and reclaim their property. If they left the city of refuge, they could be killed (a tough sort of extradition in my book).

Am I remaining safe in my city of refuge, which is the grace of God and the atoning work of Jesus upon the cross? Or am I trying to stand on my own merit?

God, I am so glad that the sins I have committed willfully and the ones by accident have been forgiven. Thank you that I am a new man and I have an inheritance in Christ. Oh I thank you for all You did yesterday in my life. May today be the same. Let’s do some great things together to grow Your kingdom.

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