Darkest Before The Dawn

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I have seen the redemption of the Lord time and time again. God has been so faithful to be with me in times of uncertainty, confusion, persecution, and suffering. When I call out to Him because He seems far away or too “generous” in allowing me to endure through trying times, it may look very dark. But, as the saying goes it always darkest before the dawn. My long experience is that God is always consistent with His own character and His Holy Word. The same was true with His own dear Son. He allowed Jesus to suffer to the point of being surrounded by terrible misguided people who mocked Him on the cross, gambled for His clothes, and pierced Him with a spear confirming His death. There never has been a darker day. Yet, as the Psalmist wrote prophetically-

Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord. Psalm 22:20 NIV

How is God working my problems into an opportunity for me and my children and my grandchildren to serve Him and tell about the goodness of God?

God, as this day begins- I am so very thankful for Your provision, protection, and grace. When you allow the difficulties in my life (as small as they truly are), I hope I discover something of the character of the suffering servant and Messiah Jesus. Moreover, may I become more aware of the dark days others experience and in doing so, grow in my compassion and capacity to minister to them. Dear Jesus, You truly are the Light of the World. Help me be a little light for revealing the source of all light and love!

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