Beware The Leaven

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The Pharisees and Sadducees came up, and testing Jesus, they asked Him to show them a sign from heaven.
But He replied to them, “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, ‘There will be a storm today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?
An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign; and a sign will not be given it, except the sign of Jonah.” And He left them and went away.

And the disciples came to the other side of the sea, but they had forgotten to bring any bread.
And Jesus said to them, “Watch out and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”
They began to discuss this among themselves, saying, “He said that because we did not bring any bread.”
Then they understood that He did not say to beware of the leaven of bread, but of the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Matthew 16:1-7,12

Jesus did miracles but he wasn’t a hired magician at the beck and call of the religious leaders. He is the Sovereign Son of God. ‘He always pleases the Father’. So when they ask for a sign, He refuses because He already had given adequate revelation of His power and authority. To do so, would be to subject Himself to their authority and teaching which was so often in error. Specifically the doctrines (denial of angels, resurrection, reliance on works/law, and the Roman government) of these sects of Judaism left people confused, hopeless, and relying upon traditions of men and human solutions (eg. government) for solutions to the real problems of mankind. On the contrary, Jesus was in their midst doing miracles and demonstrating the power of God and preaching the ‘acceptable year of the Lord’ and a gospel that could transform anyone.

Whose teaching and power am I really relying upon in my life?

God, I know the answers are in the teachings of Jesus, not my own intellect. You are so very gracious and patient with me. For that I am grateful. Today there are opportunities to address, faithful services to provide, blessings in the making. Thank you that I can be part of what You are doing in the world. Help me refuse the leaven of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herod. I am grateful this morning and I consider my family. You know the prayers of my heart: protect my mom, draw my daughter closer to You, and give Kasey a beautiful delivery of baby Kennedy.

Continuing with the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards: 28. Resolved, to study the Scriptures so steadily, constantly and frequently, as that I may find, and plainly perceive myself to grow in the knowledge of the same.

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