Appointed Times

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appointed timesThese are the appointed times of the Lord which you shall proclaim as holy convocations, to present offerings by fire to the Lord—burnt offerings and grain offerings, sacrifices and drink offerings, each day’s matter on its own day— besides those of the sabbaths of the Lord, and besides your gifts and besides all your votive and freewill offerings, which you give to the Lord. Leviticus 23:37-38

God appointed times to gather and worship. The worship involved offerings, food, humility, reflection and celebration. Life was defined in continual reminders of God and specific ways of interacting with Him and one another. These were great gifts to God’s people. Something tells me that over time, they became burdens instead of blessings.

How about me? Had anything involved with knowing Him and worshiping God become a burden instead of a blessing? What needs to change in my attitude or involvement?

God, oh the life that You have scripted for me. I am experiencing so many blessings as I keep You the center of my life. Today, I believe You have some very special moments planned. Help me discern them and worship You in thought, word and deed.

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