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Little children, guard yourselves from idols. 1 John 5:21

At the end of the most beautiful encouragement about loving God, loving others and keeping Jesus commands, we are instructed to guard ourselves from idols. Why? These substitutes for the living God (in whatever shape they come), derail us and disconnect us from the source of love, God!

As I do an inventory of my life, my passion, and my activity, is there anything taking center stage ahead of God? (right now I am pausing in my writing and really thinking… Lord reveal to me anything) I would say an area I must guard is “ambition”. My antidote is God and contentment.

Lord, thank you that when I have you first and foremost in my life, everything else is in order. Not perfect, but in proper place. Oh help me, day by day, lay down any idols, so You stand above, exalted in my heart as You are in the world You have made.

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