Advice To My Sons

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My boys are now young men. They have enjoyed many blessings from God. Of course, no one escapes all heartbreak in life. But, they have avoided one major pitfall- that of the “seductress”. I think we all are especially susceptible to sexual temptation. Deep within us are needs and desires that probably have their fulfillment elsewhere, but we try to apply the substitutes of sexual sin for the real intimacy God prescribes. Solomon paints a scenario wherein a young man falls prey to the allurement of another man’s wife. His insight and vivid imagery tells the sad tale. Sin always brings about death- it is the very wages of it. Thank God, He has a better way to live and when we fall, He can forgive and redeem. Its really true, the greatest satisfaction comes from a monogamous, heterosexual marriage relationship.

With her many persuasions she entices him;
With her flattering lips she seduces him.
Suddenly he follows her as an ox goes to the slaughter,
Or as one walks in ankle bracelets to the discipline of a fool,
Until an arrow pierces through his liver;
As a bird hurries to the snare,
So he does not know that it will cost him his life. Proverbs 7:21-23

How grateful am I for my lovely bride? Do I realize daily that God loves me and has blessed me with someone special, just for me?

God, as this day begins- Wow, what a contrast! I am so grateful that You loved me enough to provide the love of my life for all these years. Thank you that my sons and daughter have found such wonderful life partners. Of course, I know You are still preparing that special person for Keanu. May, each of us rejoice in the wife of our youth (or husband as the case may be) and avoid the temptations of the seductress.

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