A wonderful leader at the helm!

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Last friday I had the opportunity to spend some time with our Superintendent, Dr. Kent Bechler.

Dr. Bechler’s passion for education, commitment to what he calls “rigorous standards”, and insight made our conversation fascinating. The time flew by… we looked at the time on our iPhones and realized how much fun it is to talk about the amazing students, great faculty and staff of our District.

It was clear to me that Dr. Bechler continues to foster an environment of excellence, cooperation, and joy… even in the midst of very challenging economic times. And the student testing scores recently published reflect that our young people are thriving! I feel more inspired than even before about my role in serving alongside Dr. Bechler and the executive leadership.

I look forward to the opportunity to “Share NEW ideas to make good schools… great!”.

In a few weeks, I will be together with Dr. Bechler (along with the other candidates) to receive a briefing on policy and budgeting. Will keep you posted.


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