A Man in Your Kingdom

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There is a man in your kingdom in whom is a spirit of the holy gods; and in the days of your father, illumination, insight and wisdom like the wisdom of the gods were found in him. And King Nebuchadnezzar, your father, your father the king, appointed him chief of the magicians, conjurers, Chaldeans and diviners. This was because an extraordinary spirit, knowledge and insight, interpretation of dreams, explanation of enigmas and solving of difficult problems were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar. Let Daniel now be summoned and he will declare the interpretation.” Daniel 5:11-12

There is always a man in your kingdom!

God, when it comes to solving the difficult issues in my life, am I humble enough to seek out the man in my kingdom who can bring godly insight?

Lord, I praise you for the men and women in my life (especially serving at the school) who are the Daniel’s.

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