Transparency In The Priesthood

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For every high priest taken from among men is appointed on behalf of men in things pertaining to God, in order to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins; he can deal gently with the ignorant and misguided, since he himself also is beset with weakness; and because of it he is obligated to offer sacrifices for sins, as for the people, so also for himself. And no one takes the honor to himself, but receives it when he is called by God, even as Aaron was. Hebrews 5:1-4

Sometimes as Christians (and especially as pastors) we pretend we are better, smarter and stronger than we are. Being transparent would be far better for ourselves and others.

How strange it is… to be chosen as a priest, yet continually reminded that while you offer sacrifices for sin of others, we ourselves are not without sin. This creates a dichotomy- while chosen by God, there is nothing of which to boast. We who serve as priests (and in Christianity, there is a priesthood of ‘all’ believers) find ourselves in the position that we are not ‘better than’ anyone else, simply selected into God’s service. Any glory is ascribed only by God’s grace and by His calling. In me that reality produces a strange humility and confidence at the same time. The beloved apostle John reminded us that if we say we have no sin, the truth is not within us.

The prince of prophets, Isaiah wrote about transparency:
What sorrow awaits those who try to hide their plans from the Lord,
who do their evil deeds in the dark!
“The Lord can’t see us,” they say.
“He doesn’t know what’s going on!”

– Isaiah 29:15 NLT

How about me? Do I hide things from God? Do my friends know my weaknesses and struggles, or just my accomplishments?

God, as this day begins- You are ever before me and know it all. I place my life before You and acknowledge that any glory is only because You have called me to be Your own. In that is the greatest security and joy. I thank you for my close friends with whom I can simply be myself. Use me as Your priest- helping others become healthy, whole, and saved from sin… and with the same hope of heaven You’ve given me.

Jonathan Edwards resolution #65. Resolved, very much to exercise myself in this all my life long, viz. with the greatest openness I am capable of, to declare my ways to God, and lay open my soul to him: all my sins, temptations, difficulties, sorrows, fears, hopes, desires, and every thing, and every circumstance; according to Dr. Manton’s 27th Sermon on Psalm 119. July 26 and Aug. 10, 1723.

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