The City I See

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The City I See

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I’m Doug Husen, a Pastor, Business Consultant and Civic Leader.

I want to serve as your City Council member to improve our Quality of Life and pursue an exciting Vision for Corona!

God has given me creativity to solve problems, character to lead, and compassion to care for people. I have a Business Mind / Pastor’s Heart.

We are part of a great city. But, we have significant problems. Traffic is one that is frustrating us all nearly every day.

I care deeply because I grew up here. My wife Maureen and I have raised our four children here. I want my granddaughter to love growing up here.

Thank you for allowing me to share a vision for the city of Corona. I have a feeling you have the same vision.

The City I See…

  • Parents home from work in time to coach their kid’s sports team
  • A Brand NEW Recreational Lake behind the Prado dam
  • High-Tech Job opportunities
  • “Big City” Benefits with first-class Restaurants and Entertainment
  • “Small Town” Friendly Feel
  • Beautiful Parks, Hiking & Biking trails
  • Affordable Housing options for young people
  • Balanced budgets and a Secure Retirement system
  • Safe Neighborhoods, professional policing and firefighting

Together, let’s make it a reality in Corona by listening, learning from each another, and following a shared vision.

I’m running for City Council to make that difference. I am asking for your vote.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]