I Say Too Much. Do You?

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Like snow in summer and like rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting for a fool.
Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying,
So a curse without cause does not alight.
A whip is for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the back of fools.
Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will also be like him.
Answer a fool as his folly deserves, that he not be wise in his own eyes. Proverbs 27:1-5

I find myself in need of wisdom for the situations and circumstances that arise in life. The proverbs of Solomon provide a great deal of insight. In this collection of sayings I am exposed to some cautions about honoring a fool, instructions about how to handle criticism and how to respond to the foolish. Isn’t it interesting, sometimes we answer a fool, other times we don’t answer at all. Oh, that I could know which is the appropriate response.

How can I be become a better listener and careful to respond?

God, I desire to speak and have my words be “apples of gold in settings of silver”. I need You and Your abiding Spirit within me to take control. I know I say too much.

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