Everything Is Intended To Be Spiritual

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everything is spiritualThere are three things which are too wonderful for me, four which I do not understand:
The way of an eagle in the sky,
The way of a serpent on a rock,
The way of a ship in the middle of the sea,
And the way of a man with a maid. Proverbs 30:18-19

Agur shared these words of wisdom. In poetic language he pondered the wonder of love and intimacy.
He considered the majesty and elegance of an eagle in flight, the curving rhythmic motion of a snake, the floating of ship over the waves in the sea and lastly the intimacy of man with his wife. I am so glad that God includes the wonderful aspects of life like this as part of the spiritual life He designed. We really are body, soul and spirit, interconnected.

Am I still finding wonderful things in life? Is nature revealing the God of creation to me?

God, on a beautiful day like today, I am reminded that You are the great creator and I am the creation. How wonderful You are and this life You have given. Let’s enjoy it together. And on a side note, thank you for my “maid”.

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