Did God Forget Me?

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Blessed be the Lord,
For He has shown me His marvelous kindness in a strong city!
For I said in my haste, “I am cut off from before Your eyes”;
Nevertheless You heard the voice of my supplications
When I cried out to You.

Oh, love the Lord, all you His saints!
For the Lord preserves the faithful,
And fully repays the proud person.
Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:21-24

There are times when if feels like God has forgotten about us or disowned us. But, that is a presumptuous assumption. David felt that way, then realized that he wasn’t “cut off before God’s eyes”, but rather he was hasty in his assessment of God’s support. God really does preserve the faithful. For those who fear and trust Him, He will hide us in a secret place within His pavilion (presence). Wow!

Do I trust more in the goodness of God or the circumstances around me?

God, as this day begins, I run into Your secret pavilion for protection from even what I cannot perceive. I rejoice in Your character and goodness and invite You to impart it to me. May I shine for You, accomplish the works You have appointed, and speak as the oracles of God. Looking forward to a wonderful day. Thank you for the many blessings You have bestowed. And remind me often of those who need Your help, so that I might pray on their behalf.

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