Seven troubles

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Behold, how happy is the man whom God reproves, so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.
For He inflicts pain, and gives relief; He wounds, and His hands also heal.
From six troubles He will deliver you, even in seven evil will not touch you. Job 5:17-19

There is a joy that comes whenever God is active in our lives. But, there are seasons too. Seasons of discipline and correction, sometimes pain, and injury. God allows this to happen because He loves us. He also brings relief, healing, and deliverance from troubles of every kind.

How do I respond to God’s discipline? Have I figured out how the same hand that may bring pain in my life, is the same hand that heals? Yes. I fully trust that God is active in my life as a heavenly Father expressing a perfect love.

God, thank you for being real in my life and leading and guiding me day by day. I thank you for what comes whenever You discipline me. While its not enjoyable at times, in the end, I come into a peaceful place and I grow in character.

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