Roll The Dice – Its Biblical

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roll the diceThey cast lots for their duties, all alike, the small as well as the great, the teacher as well as the pupil. 1 Chronicles 25:8

David prepared the Levites to serve God in the temple that would be built in Jerusalem. The priests were divided into their various duties. The duties were judicial, musical, sacrificial, etc. David made some decision by what seemed to be the logical choice, others by necessity, and still others by casting a lot (rolling the dice). This is how decisions are made by godly leaders today. Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice. If you are waiting and thinking every decision can be made with complete and accurate information, you will will wait a long time. Praise God, that He will inspire, instruct and often answer by the casting of lots.

In my decision making, is there reliance upon God? Is there a balance between receiving good counsel and wisdom without over analyzing everything?

Lord, I would say my biggest challenge is actually not deciding and releasing the decisions to others who are capable and prayerful. Would you help me ‘delegate’ more often? Oh I praise You that in the end You can decide the direction for all things because You know all things. Help me walk in faith today, trusting Your leading and guiding. I am ok with rolling the dice.

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