Kill It, Don’t Coddle It

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crucifiedBut Manasseh did not take possession of Beth-shean and its villages, or Taanach and its villages, or the inhabitants of Dor and its villages, or the inhabitants of Ibleam and its villages, or the inhabitants of Megiddo and its villages; so the Canaanites persisted in living in that land. It came about when Israel became strong, that they put the Canaanites to forced labor, but they did not drive them out completely. Judges 2:27-28

The struggle the Israelites would have inside their own borders was a self made problem. They failed to remove the people with foreign gods from the land. As a result, they would become “thorns in their sides” and ultimately lead them to abandon the God who saved them to serve foreign gods. For us, if we fail to crucify the flesh… we simply make it a slave or subject to our spirit, we are letting a sleeping giant lie within our borders.

What areas of the flesh do I need to kill? Am I letting any sleeping giants lie that will distract me from serving the living God and enjoying the life He has given me?

God, you are my Savior who has brought me into this wonderful land and personal relationship with you. As I start this day, I decide to crucify the fleshly nature within me. For I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ who lives in me. Thank you for Your great love and the power of the blood of Jesus to cleanse from all sin.

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