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advocateO earth, do not cover my blood, and let there be no resting place for my cry.
Even now, behold, my witness is in heaven, and my advocate is on high.
My friends are my scoffers; My eye weeps to God.
O that a man might plead with God as a man with his neighbor!
For when a few years are past, I shall go the way of no return. Job 16:18-22

Job tells his third friend Eliphaz, and the others too, that its easy for you to say what you say to me… you are not in my place! Job is entitled to challenge them, even as they are permitted to challenge Job. “The wounds of a friend can be trusted”. Then Job realizes something very important. He says “O that a man might plead with God as a man with his neighbor”. Jesus Christ made a way for us to approach God and be heard by Him and to be accepted. Its true, “my advocate is on high”. Jesus Christ is the advocate, attorney, lawyer, and propitiation who stands between our Holy God and us, sinners. He reconciles us to one another. Job was getting an understanding of this great need for a Savior.

How about me? Have I put my trust in the Savior of the World, my advocate Jesus Christ? Yes.

God, I thank you for Jesus, my advocate on high. Please forgive my sins based on His righteousness and His death upon the cross. Thank you that You have all that I need for this life. I am looking to You again today to reveal the great mysteries and lead me in the way I should go. Thank you that yesterday counted for eternity.

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