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And He was giving orders to them, saying, “Watch out! Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.” Mark 8:15

Jesus warned his disicples about two problems. These young leaders of the church would have to guard against extreme religious control (Pharisees) and compromise (Herod). There is a call to holiness for every follower of Jesus Christ. You are to be perfect and complete, even as God is perfect. But extreme rule-keeping is not the answer. Neither is worldliness and compromise (epitomized in Jesus’ day by the Herodians). All this to say, the answer is found in the daily devotion to God and moment by moment leading of His abiding Holy Spirit.

How about me? Am I caught up in trying to impress others or keep a bunch of rules. No, I don’t think that would describe me. Am I a compromiser or do I have conviction. I believe I have convictions.

God, help me take heed of your warning. I want to be holy and ready for you to use me in any situation. Thank you that you sanctified me and are sanctifying me. Today, let me walk in Your holy ways with You.

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